My four siblings and I all went to Messiah Lutheran as children, so I always knew it’s where I wanted my children to attend. Another major factor is that it’s faith based. We love that and it’s important to our family. We also love the outdoor classroom and all that has to offer. Seeing how much our little girl loves going here makes us so happy. We absolutely love Messiah Lutheran Preschool and their teachers, so happy they are a part of our life and we are a part of theirs. –Joe and Robyn

We enrolled Kiley at Messiah because we sent our oldest daughter here and we had a good experience. We knew it was a whole new teaching staff but were excited for the change. The teaching staff this year has been incredible, they truly have a love for every one of the kids! We enjoy that it is very hands on and that they learn about God. It’s so nice to hear her come home and tell us bible stories or sing Sunday school songs. To anyone thinking about enrolling their child at Messiah I would tell them it is a great environment to have your child in—I know every time I drop her off, she is safe and going to learn and have fun! –Amber

We moved to Port Byron last spring and were exploring preschools. Our friends told us about Messiah. We went to visit and loved the classroom—particularly the outdoor classroom and how each child’s creativity was enhanced. The teachers are wonderful, well credentialed and genuine. The integration of religion was very important to our family as well. We have valued our experience and the wonderful foundation for our child.

I think Messiah is a hidden gem. The teacher to student ratio is so low that I know my children will never have that level of attention at a school again. The staff is caring, creative, and so devoted to the kids. The outdoor classroom is amazing and it was one of the deciding factors for us as well. Preschools do not have to let the kids play outside, but I think that is important to their development. Which is why I love Messiah, they go outside to play and learn every day that they can. The school’s curriculum is focused on literacy and that gives the students that go there a distinct advantage as they go on to kindergarten. –Danielle

Messiah Lutheran was recommended by a friend. We have been so grateful for the opportunity. I love watching Ross count, recite ABCs and sing. These are things he never did before. My son has grown up before my eyes here. –Katie

We were introduced to Messiah Lutheran by the former Director, Adrienne Biskie. Cameron had been in several music, movement, and me classes with her and grew to be very comfortable with her. Even though Adrienne is no longer with the school, I am still so happy with sending Cameron to Messiah. I love how the class is small and that Cameron gets the attention that he needs to learn and grow. Cameron is always so happy when he gets picked up from school and my family and I can tell just how much he loved the school, kids, and teachers. We love how many family oriented activities the school has for everyone, and that the kids get outside to play as much as they can. Another thing that I love as a parent are all of the emails we get letting us know what the kids did in class that day. It helps me feel more involved and updated as to what is going on at school and during class. –Ashley

We enrolled Fisher in the Messiah Lutheran Preschool program because we wanted him in a preschool that helped us teach Fisher about God. We also were happy with its location so close to Fisher’s grandma who takes care of him during the day. When we came in to inquire about the program, we were happy to find that the teachers found it important for the kids to be outside as much as possible and that it seemed like it’d be a good balance between structured learning time and free time. All these things that helped us to decide to enroll Fisher in the program turned out to be exactly true. We are very satisfied with Messiah and are thankful to all the teachers who show compassion and patience with all the children. I like that there is a lot of art projects and that music is incorporated as well. The Christmas program was awesome as well as the gingerbread house making activity! I highly recommend this program to others. Thank you! –Steve and Nicole

After moving here from out of state, we somehow found out about Messiah Lutheran Preschool, I think through Googling “preschools in Port Byron.” I called to find out about openings and spoke with the former director. She was very friendly and shared that there were three openings left which was perfect because that meant there was room for our twin daughters and nephew. The former director was very helpful throughout the enrollment process and answered every question that I had. We love that outdoor education is a high priority at Messiah as it seems that many school age children do not get enough outside time. We also love the prayer time and religious education our children receive here. It is very obvious that the teachers are extremely nurturing and patient and truly care about each individual student. The school wouldn’t be what it is without these warm, caring women. The Messiah Lutheran Preschool Community of families, educators, and the church has been very welcoming to us and helpful with our questions. We love Messiah Lutheran Preschool! –Ed and Courtney

We were new to the area when a neighbor told us about Messiah Pre-K, and highly recommended it! Of course, one of our favorite parts is that they incorporate faith/God into all they do. But the school is so much more than that! The teachers are amazing. I feel so comfortable and confident that when I leave my child, she is in the hands of teachers who care so deeply for her and will give her time, attention and love! The outdoor classroom is just awesome too! My daughter often comes home telling me about little treasures she found or the fun she had outside. One of my favorite times is going to pick her up early and watching her and the other kids laughing and playing outside. So grateful for the time my kids have had at Messiah Lutheran Preschool!

I first learned about Messiah Preschool in the fall of 2007. We were living in Michigan at the time and were preparing to move to the Quad Cities area in January of 2008. I started researching different preschools in the area for my oldest daughter Tara, who would be starting preschool in the fall of 2008. I found Messiah Preschool in the phonebook and contacted the Director, Mrs. Webb, to get more information. When we moved to Port Byron, we took a tour of the preschool and decided it would be the perfect fit for our daughter. We enjoyed Messiah so much, we didn’t hesitate to send out other children here too! All 3 of our children have really blossomed at Messiah. They really enjoyed the outdoor classroom as well as the different centers inside that give them the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination. I would definitely recommend Messiah Preschool to anyone looking to expose their children to a well-rounded education experience!

I love the family atmosphere of Messiah Preschool! Moms are always helping each other out with rides, meals for families in need, offering childcare, etc. I am a fan of the Christian oriented curriculum. I also love that preschool classes go outside as often as possible. We love activities that include the family (international nights, etc). Illiniwek hikes are a favorite this year! We are a return family but initially found Messiah when we moved to town 6 years ago by an internet search.

Having attended Messiah as a child, I knew the strong program they established many years ago. I wanted to provide my child with many wonderful opportunities that Messiah offers.

Messiah has a long-standing great reputation in our area. My youngest sister attended there about 30 years ago! I’m sure I would have too, but we lived out of state at the time. I knew I would send my kids there after talking with friends and neighbors who couldn’t say enough good things. I love the 3 day/week schedule—allows kids time to just be kids too! I also love the Christian values and the focus on teaching the kids RESPECT rather than drilling them won the alphabet and numbers. Love the outdoor classroom as well! Keep up the great work! –Jane

Our family moved here from China. We came upon Messiah by simple word of mouth. Families and school administration said Messiah was the best preschool in the area. Our family loves the outdoor classroom. It gets the kids some play time but also teaches the kids that learning is just not for the classroom. We are in love with the Friday Literacy Class. The curriculum with the class is fantastic. My child has gained an interest and love for reading from this opportunity. I would highly recommend Messiah for preschool.

Messiah Preschool provides safe, fun, creative, and meaningful learning experiences. What better way to learn about the world than spending time outdoors with Mother Nature? –Addie

We chose Messiah for our youngest after having such wonderful success with our older 2 children in this program. The demands Kindergarten has is very surprising, and I feel our children were able to success due to the knowledge as well as social experience they gained by attending Messiah. We love the small class group with three teachers. We love that God is incorporated into their day, we also love the friendliness of all the families and staff here.

I have several teacher friends at Riverdale and I asked them what preschools the students that are excelling came from and they all recommended Messiah for Chandler. I called and bugged the past Director quite a bit until I knew Chandler had got in! We are very happy with Messiah and would recommend to anyone! I love all the field trips and all the hands on learning. Chandler especially loves the outdoor classroom and magnet blocks. Jay and I always felt that the teachers really cared about their jobs and the kids. We always knew he was safe and well cared for. – Jay and Arine