The Corona Virus and Activities at Messiah

Due to the recent developments surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic in Illinois, we are suspending all activities at Messiah.  

Instead we encourage people to stay home stay healthy, and use this time to offer up prayers for those affected in any way (health, job, school, financially, etc.) and for an end to this pandemic.  

To that end we, and other churches in upper Rock Island County, will be ringing our church bells or chimes at noon and at 8:00 p.m. as a call to prayer and a reminder that in all of this, God is with us.

We will be offering a Daily Devotion on this website until the “shelter at home” mandate is lifted, for you to use at home – with your family, or for yourself.  

We are also getting things going for online worship through YouTube.  

The service for last Sunday (March 22) can be viewed by clicking on this link:

We will be attempting to do live-streaming on coming Sundays and hope to have our YouTube channel (Messiah Lutheran Church, Port Byron) available for you to go to for future online worship services.  We will keep you posted here on the website as that becomes available.

If during this time you have a desire or need for pastoral care or other assistanceplease call the church office (523-2421) and we will do what we can to respond.

The Food Pantry is remaining opened through this time to meet the needs of those in need of food and other household supplies.  They will be offering pre-packed carts of food/supplies that we will bring out to your vehicle. There will only be service from Noon to 2:00 on Wednesdays – no evening hours at this time.  If you have a need and cannot get here during the operating hours, please call the church office (523-2421) and we will try to assist you.

As soon as things get going again, we will let you know.

Until then, God’s blessings of peace, hope and comfort be with you.