Snack Policy

Each child will have assigned snack weeks (usually twice a year). Water is provided by the preschool. Snacks are used as a learning experience. We try to model for the children that good nutrition can be fun and teach the importance of forming good eating habits. A snack schedule for the year will be sent home the first week of school. Check with the teachers if you have any questions concerning your snack week.

All snacks provided for the preschoolers must be commercially prepared foods. Food items must arrive unopened as packaged by the bakery or manufacturer. This snack policy is in compliance with our licensing agent, Department of Child and Family Services.

Following is a list of suggestions of appropriate snacks:

· Crackers (graham, Goldfish, Wheat Thins, Ritz, etc.)
· Cheese
· Pretzels
· Popcorn
· Fresh fruit (apples, grapes, etc.)
· Canned fruit
· Vanilla wafers
· Packaged fresh vegetables
· Cereal or Cereal bars
· Rice cakes
· Pudding
· Ice Cream cups, popsicles or ice cream sandwiches.
· Purchased bakery items
· Unfrosted cake or cupcakes – frosted cakes create much extra cleanup that detracts from our classroom activity time

If you would like to provide the ingredients for us to make a snack, we enjoy cooking. Please talk to your child’s teacher first so this can be incorporated into the lesson plans.

We try to schedule snacks on or around your child’s birthday and we will designate an “unbirthday” for children with summer birthdays.

Please let us know if your child has a food allergy. Parents will be informed that a child in the class has a food allergy and asked to not send snacks containing the specific allergen. Food allergies will be posted in the classroom and staff will check snack ingredients each day. Preschool will keep some non allergen snacks on hand in the event a snack does contain an allergen.