Students at Messiah Lutheran Preschool participate in experiences that integrate: listening skills, following directions, large and small motor skills, language development, literacy, creativity and imagination, dramatic play, music, art, finger plays, math and science, self concept, social activity, Bible stories, prayer.

We use The Creative Curriculum for Preschool Children (Dodge, Colker, Heroman) along with other resources as the basis for our daily lesson planning. Once a month Pastor leads us in a special devotional time. Parents are welcome to attend.

• Lead the children to appreciate the wonders of God’s creation and to trust in the Lord’s wisdom and loving kindness.
• Help the children develop love and tolerance for all people, so they can live happily and harmoniously with those around them.
• Help children make their adjustment to school a happy and wholesome one.
• Help children become aware of, and be interested in, the world around them.
• Give each child a variety of opportunities to work and play cooperatively in small and large group activities.
• Teach children to act and think for themselves and develop age appropriate independence.
• Help children develop desirable speech habits including effective communication skills and increased vocabulary.
• Teach the children to share and take turns and encourage them to use good manners.
• Provide the children with opportunities to work with different creative art media fostering creative expression in music, art, and drama.
• Help the children feel a sense of security, belonging and full acceptance.
• Help the children develop coordination and motor control.
• Create an environment where children can successfully learn to exercise self-discipline and self-control.
• Foster an interest and excitement for reading and writing.